Gamesaid – Voting for Blind in Business

Do you work in the gaming industry? Or do you know somebody who does? Gamesaid is a charity which gives grants to charities working with young people. Members of Gamesaid can vote tor Blind in Business this Thursday in the hope of receiving a grant. Members can vote until September  continue reading this post

Top tips for students looking to secure a job

Natasha Glaves, former HR Manager at Barclays, shares her top tips for Students looking to secure a job: Timing is key – whether you are going for a graduate role or a summer internship, the best time of year to start the application process is September. Many roles are gone by  continue reading this post

GDPR and your data

We hold personal data about our employees, clients (named as candidates), suppliers and other individuals for a variety of charitable purposes.  All service users have the right to see their data. If they wish to request to view this data, we shall provide this within 5 working days. All service  continue reading this post